Recap of Adaptive Medias, Inc. CEO Qayed Shareef Clear Channel Business Talk Radio Interview

Recap of Adaptive Medias, Inc. CEO Qayed Shareef Clear Channel Business Talk Radio Interview copy

Host Michael Yorba of The Traders Network Welcomed Shareef on Clear Channel’s DFW 1190AM

IRVINE, CA–(Dec 23, 2013) – Multi-channel audience and content monetization company, Adaptive Medias, Inc. (OTCQB: ADTM), a leader in programmatic advertising across mobile, video and online display, announced that Michael Yorba of Clear Channel’s Business Talk Radio Show, The Traders Network, interviewed CEO Qayed Shareef live on December 19, 2013. Mr. Shareef discussed key drivers that are leading the Company’s dynamic growth and how Adaptive Medias is poised to capture significant market-share in the burgeoning digital marketing industry.

“We are focused in the mobile and video advertising segments, which are two of the fastest growing areas of digital marketing today,” Shareef said, adding that Adaptive Media has built one of the only end-to-end content monetization platforms driven by programmatic algorithms.

Responding to the question “How did you get where you are?” Shareef said, “We were formed with the concept in mind of providing software-as-a-service to content developers and publishers across multiple channels and multiple devices. The concept turned into actual technology and that actual technology is now handling hundreds of millions of transactions, or what we call ad impressions, on a monthly basis. Not only have we gone from concept, to alpha, to beta, we are actually live, doing good revenue, with a lot of quality customers and a lot of great data around the platform itself.”

Adaptive Medias posted 3rd quarter revenue of $373,737, a significant jump from the Company’s Q2 report of $27,314.

As for the future, Shareef said, “We see significant opportunities. We think we are going to take the market by storm when it comes to our technology platform. We’ve got one of the best platforms in the space. We are going to go out and work with many different brands across many different verticals: sports, lifestyle, entertainment, eCommerce, fashion, news and technology. We have the ability to service all of these different verticals with our technology platform. We’ve just scratched the surface. We are going to be as competitive in the marketplace as some of these companies that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to build their technology.”

When Yorba inquired about the dollar size of the market Adaptive is working, Shareef responded, “According to eMarketer, this year alone the mobile marketing advertising market will be $17 billion. That is one sector where we play. The other sector is video advertising, which is $4 billion, and those numbers are going to triple or quadruple by 2017. So we are playing in a big market with lots of opportunities and a lot of growth. Without sharing any numbers I can tell you there is no ceiling for us as far as growth is concerned because we are playing in a space that is collectively worth in the tens of billions of market spend.

“All we have to do is be less than a 1/2 a percent (of market share) to be a viable business that is doing a lot of revenue and a lot of great profit and margin for our shareholders. We see the sector hot spots being in mobile and tablet devices. Advertisers are looking closely at figuring out the smartphones and the tablets for content consumption and we are right there. We have the technology, we have the content and we’re positioned to take advantage of that. I think we are going to be very open to many opportunities in the years to come,” Shareef concluded.

Listen to the entire live archive Clear Channel Interview, detail below.

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Network: Clear Channel
Station: DFW 1190AM
Host: Michael Yorba

Following the interview, Michael Yorba, host of Clear Channel’s The Traders Network Show, stated, “It’s innovative companies like Adaptive Medias that push the boundaries of media-technology integration that propel market evolution.”


Adaptive Media is a programmatic audience and content monetization provider for website owners, app developers and video publishers who want to more effectively optimize content through advertising. The Company provides a foundation for publishers and developers looking to engage brand advertisers through a multi-channel approach that delivers integrated, engaging and impactful ads across multiple devices. Adaptive Media meets the needs of its publishers with an emphasis on maintaining user experience, while delivering timely and relevant ads through its multi-channel ad delivery and content platform.

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