Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications Overview

1800pr understands the complex issues public and private companies face, no matter their size. From start-ups to the Fortune 500’s, corporate clients appreciate our agile, entrepreneurial approach to public relations and impact marketing. We help you navigate the complex landscape of business communications in the digital age by positioning executives as thought leaders, communicating with key constituents, building brand awareness, showcasing innovations, managing news flow and shareholder expectations


Financial Communications 

Effective strategic financial communications requires execution and media integration; 1800pr’s media strategy capability is a standout among the ranks of media relations and investor relations teams. Our strategists know this field because we lived it, having excelled at all levels of print, broadcast, digital and political media. We understand how reporters think and what drives coverage.

The depth of our experience gives us a distinctive edge in helping clients define the conversation on their terms. Our leadership includes a former news network anchors, reporters, chief editors, and producers from Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg, Inc. CBS, Clear Channel, iHeart Radio, ABC News and CNN. 1800pr leaders have run crisis communications operations at top U.S. fortune 1000 corporates, governmental agencies and managed media relations for CEO’s, professional and non-profit organizations.

1800pr creates the strategy and tactics to succeed. We look at each client’s needs comprehensively, identifying key audiences and communicating your message in the most compelling way.

Our experience and offerings include:

  1. Deep understanding of news outlets, audience demographics and successful message placement in the media.
  2. Premier writing ability on scores of political and policy issues, including ghostwriting, speech writing and the creation of high-caliber original content.
  3. Communications management of corporations, nonprofits and political campaigns.
  4. Real-world media training for clients preparing for print, television, radio and online interviews.
  5. Extensive experience with crisis management.
  6. Editorial and production leadership.
  7. Strategic advice to Fortune 500 corporations, leading nonprofits and local, state and federal governments and their various agencies.

Digital Communications 

How we communicate has fundamentally shifted in the social era. With a hyper-accelerated news cycle and the proliferation of outlets, social media and digital influencers increasingly play a role in how news gets made, how your story is told and ultimately, who listens. 1800pr Digital is built on a best of both worlds approach: leverage the best practices of social marketing developed at top consumer brands and integrate it with the public affairs expertise needed to build and manage effective opinion campaigns.

Advocacy advertising

Advocacy advertising allows you to define an issue of public debate on your own terms in order to shift public opinion and activate your audience. When properly executed, constituents become the amplifier for your message and the vehicle for affecting policy, legislation, and broader public opinion. However, because advocacy advertising promotes a point of view rather than a product or service, it requires a different approach to both creative development and media buying than traditional commercial advertising. At 1800pr we have extensive experience in this area. We tap into the triggers that motivate your audience through public opinion research and leverage these insights across a comprehensive media strategy. We create award-winning campaigns that touch your audience on issues that matter to them.

Crisis Management / Communications 

During the most challenging and sensitive circumstances, how a company or individual responds governs the extent of damage to its reputation. 1800pr has managed crisis situations in a multitude of industries and created successful outcomes through masterful application of transparency, speed and honesty. We deftly craft strategies that can evolve with political and regulatory changes, competitors, critics and changes in market conditions.

While every situation has its own set of facts and tactics, the key elements of managing a crisis are always the same. Learn more…

Market & Public Opinion 

When there is too much at risk to make a mistake, public opinion research ensures that you hit your mark. Whether you are planning for political candidacy, ballot initiatives, public policy, or private sector initiatives, we employ research methodologies designed to reveal the information that is critical to your success.

We take a behavioral approach to polling and other research techniques. We ask our target audience what they know and how they behave, then correlate knowledge and behavior to understand motivational drivers. This approach gives us a unique way of assessing the environment and developing the strategy and messages that will yield maximum results.

Social Media

American’s are most prolific users of social media in the world, combined with the billions of European and Latin American social media influencers in the world it is an economic influencing force that can be harnessed.. 1800pr’s Social Media Corporate communication practice helps brands stand out in the crowded online space. With experience across a broad range of financial and consumer channels and industries, 1800pr’s social media team creates high-impact campaigns which speak with, not to, audiences in creative ways to drive retail and institutional capital market visibility.


We provide strategy, design and development for brands all over the world. From e-commerce driven websites, through to cutting edge products and micro sites, our work engages audiences to bring corporate messaging and brands to life.

Employee Engagement

Now more than ever, a company’s employees are one of the most trusted sources of information. Driven by research & historical corporate insights, 1800pr Employee Engagement works with clients to accelerate business performance by helping them effectively engage their employees.

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