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Satellite Media Tours “SMTs” Overview:

Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) remain a cost-effective way to get your messages out to the media and directly to your consumers. SMT generally consist of a series of television interviews over two or one – hour time period with your CEO or spokesperson and the media. SMTs may focus on the CEO for a new product releases, music releases, movie premiers, quarterly earning announcements, M&A events and book releases; or, resources may be pooled for a “Coop” SMTs, such as fitness or entertainment.

A SMT (Satellite Media Tour) package includes comprehensive notification, production, media relations, and reporting features to ensure a successful tour. Our experienced media team uses an array of tools to book your spokesperson with television and radio stations around the country or world. We also leverage the resources of 1800pr to extend the reach of your tour to thousands of other media points.

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Media Tour (SMT) Features


Over 8,000 portals, websites, newspapers


Reach over 200,000 journalists and producers


No overages or hidden fees!

Multimedia Add-Ons

Embedded photos, videos and product images

Editorial Support

Free copyright and editorial support

Reporting / Analytics

See who is reading your news... where, when and for how long!

Flat-Rates - Single Release

Get all multimedia add-ons and distribution options for flat-rate!

Flat-Rate - Unlimited Plans

Send unlimited releases!


Starting at:

LIVE STREAM: One camera 4-hour SMT/RMT = STARTING @ $9,550…
LIVE STREAM: Two camera 4-hour SMT/RMT = STARTING @ $14,500…

Optional Add-Ons 
$3,500 – add Clear Channel live nationally broadcasted Radio interview to SMT (30 minute exclusive live interview 730,000 daily listeners)

$3,500 – add Daytime 60-second strategic placement to SMT (over 100 stations nationwide; 2 million impressions)

$4,500 Live CEO video interview on major fianacial news -  News Release included (a $6,750+ value)his text.

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