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Inventi, Inc. Develops Safest Battery Charging System that Solves Smart Phone Combustion Issues – Patented Method Is Latest Hardware Smart Solution

Rash of battery fires and explosions underscores need for better recharging solution

IRVINE, CA–(Oct 17, 2016) –  Inventi™, a pioneer of innovative technologies that address the world’s energy challenges, announces the launch of its newest “hardware smart” solution: Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology. Hyperflow™ Technology is a fundamentally different method for charging lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries. It eliminates the serious safety concerns swirling around rechargeable batteries in smartphones and other devices. And because Hyperflow™ Technology also enables faster and more efficient charging than ever before, significant leaps forward in battery energy density will now be possible.

“Overcoming electrical resistance is the key to the future’s high energy demands,” says Richard Dellacona, physicist and inventor of Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology. “Our solution charges batteries with effectively zero resistance. That means OEMs can make batteries with even higher energy density, without worrying about whether the charging process is efficient or safe. And now that we have all the patents on the technology, we’re eager to share this technology with the world.”

Battery fires and explosions have been plastered all over the news recently, but it’s not fair to single out one product or company. The safety issue is fundamental to modern rechargeable batteries. Today, batteries are typically charged using a “brute force” method in which electrons are shoved into place. This creates lots of electrical resistance as electrons rebound and are pushed back repeatedly.

Electrical resistance means slower, less efficient charging and, more importantly, heat. This heat byproduct can ignite the electrolytic fluid in the battery directly; or, it can gradually weaken the separator that prevents energy from passing from one pole to the other – which may also result in a fire. When that separator is compromised, the battery can explode at any time, not just when being charged. For these reasons, li-ion batteries, or the devices they power, have software to throttle the flow of particles and limit heat buildup.

Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology is a radically different method that takes electrical resistance and heat out of the equation. The technology relies on magnetics rather than electronics to move electrons into place, automatically sensing and filling available spaces with the battery’s atomic structure. Fire and explosion danger is virtually nonexistent. As Dellacona explains, this technology enables batteries to be charged as fast as physically possible. There’s no longer any need to regulate the process with circuitry and software which can be compromised.

“Hyperflow™ Technology will eliminate the safety concerns associated with li-ion batteries today,” says Inventi™ CEO and Founder Gary Davi, “and clear the way for a new era of innovation. It’s no exaggeration to say that batteries will power the future. From electric vehicles to alternative, distributed energy grids, the rechargeable battery industry is poised to become even larger than it is now. We envision Hyperflow™ Technology being a major catalyst for that growth.”

The Hyperflow™ Technology method of passively charging batteries works with any battery chemistry being used today, as well as any chemistry that might be engineered in the future. Therefore, as batteries become increasingly energy dense, Hyperflow™ Technology will ensure safety and efficiency will never be a roadblock to innovation.

About Inventi™

Founded in 2015, Inventi™ is the developer of “hardware smart” innovations for the consumer electronics, high-tech, energy and utility industries. The company’s first year of operation has seen the release of Veactor™ xPath™ Technology and Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology. These technologies address significant problems with power transmission/conversion and battery charging, respectively.

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